Fred Meyer Shows Plans For Civic Stadium

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EUGENE, Ore. — We’re getting a better picture of Kroger’s vision for the Civic Stadium property.

Tuesday night Kroger-owned Fred Meyer representatives hosted an open house to showcase its plans to build a shopping center on the site.

Fred Meyer’s spokeswoman Melinda Merrill says the store would likely be around 120,000 square feet.

Merrill  says Fred Meyer is working with a developer that would like to put in some boutique stores, even restaurants or other local businesses in the complex.

Merrill says the company is well aware that there needs to be some sort of public space. She  says the community has made that very clear.

Fred Meyer says it’s continuing to look at ways it can salvage parts of the stadium and honor its memory, but it isn’t looking like that can be done and still make the project feasible.

It is however exploring using some of the old wood in the new development.

“The opposition obviously is strong and vocal as they should be, but I think there is a lot of support for us in the community,” said Merrill. “The best we can do is to tell them we can do this and we can do it right.”

“This property needs to be in the city’s hands and let them make the calls over the short run and over the long run for the good of all Eugene,” said Eugene resident Scott Landfield.

“I am intrigued by the idea,” said another Eugene resident, Chris Watkins. “I think if it is executed well it could be a real help to the community, so I am trying to come at it with open eyes and open ears.”

If Fred Meyer was to be selected to buy the property it says it would likely take a couple of years to get the shopping complex built.

The site is owned by the 4J School District and it is accepting the bid applications.

The Eugene Family YMCA and the City of Eugene have both expressed interest in submitting proposals.


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  1. Tank Commander says:

    At least one city counselor thinks we should buy it with bonds. Bonds are just camouflage for raised taxes when they come due. The statement made about it not costing us anything in the general fund is also a lie. Where do you think the money to maintain it once the city buys it will come from? Santa Clause??????

  2. AV says:

    That makes me sad, there is a group trying to build a soccer stadium there I think that would be better. Fred Meyer is too Expensive.

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