Free Activities for Furloughed Workers

EUGENE, Ore. — A local radio station is teaming up with the Putters Family Entertainment Center to offer some free fun for furloughed workers.

Radio station 94.5 MIX FM is looking for 50 furloughed workers and their families, who want to go to Putters Friday night for pizza, soda and mini golf.

The radio station says it wanted to do something fun for furloughed families.

“Albeit a small group in Lane County, but still a group nonetheless. It’s time to move from frustration to fun. I think a lot of people are frustrated about what’s going on with the government shutdown regardless of what side of it they’re on. It’s frustrating, so this is just a way to have some fun with it,” said Mary Reilly & Liz Kelly, MIX FM DJs.

For those interested in the Furlough Fiesta, they need to sign up in advance.

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  1. musicman60 says:

    you treat these people like there the only ones that ever get laid off they will get it back unlike the rest of us out here who get the boot

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