Friends and Family Remember Tammy Borda

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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Friends and family of Tammy Borda are remembering her Saturday in Cottage Grove.

Tammy Borda was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend in December.

It was an emotional day for those that knew Tammy. Friends and family of all ages were present at the memorial service and they say they still can’t believe their friend is gone.

The service was held at the Living Faith Assembly church in Cottage Grove.

Tammy’s friends say she was a big part of their community, someone who made a difference in many lives.

She was described by her friends as someone who was kind, loved everybody, and made everyone laugh.

“She was hilarious. She’d get on her little scooter and go through town. It was like her convertible and she’d smile for everybody. Even total strangers had to smile back. The kindness she had for her family and her children and her grandkids was amazing,” said Linda Simmons, a friend of Tammy’s.

Simmons says she’s been friends with Tammy for about five years and she’ll miss Tammy’s cookie parties.

Simmons says she plans to carry on Tammy’s legacy in the community by still hosting the cookie parties and making Tammy’s favorite, snickerdoodle..

Tammy’s alleged killer, David Bowen, is expected to be back in court soon.

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