Friends Remember Woman’s Life

EUGENE, Ore. — Many of friends of a Eugene woman, who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend over the weekend, are still trying to accept what happened.

Friends and family are still trying to work through the news and understand why such a kind, young woman could be taken from the world in such a cruel way.

Casey Wright’s then ex-fiance, Robert Cromwell, was arrested after he told hospital staff at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center that he killed her. Springfield police say they found Wright’s body in Cromwell’s home Saturday morning. They say she died of blunt force trauma to the head.

“To have something like this happen to such a beautiful person is shocking,” said friend Jacob Franklin.

Friends described Casey Wright as an avid equestrian, but more often as a young woman that shined from the inside out.

“She loved loved her horses. They were her life,” Franklin said. “She was an amazing person.”

But it wasn’t always smiles and sunshine.

“She was very happy being, happy with someone else even though none of use liked him very much, and now we know why,” Franklin said.

Friends say Wright’s relationship with Robert Cromwell wasn’t an easy one, but they never expected something like this.

“I know he had an anger problem, and I know she expressed that fear and others several times, but I guess you always shave faith in people until they prove themselves wrong,” Franklin said.

They still struggle with the news.

“The thought I can’t get out of my head right now is how scared and truly alone she must have felt at the very end,” Franklin said.

They hope she knew she wasn’t.

“We will remember all the good things about Casey. There’s too many of them too forget,” Franklin said.

And they hope people will learn something from her tragic death.

“You can say hopefully this will never happen again, but it will happen again with people. But it’s something you have to look at yourself and make sure that’s not going to be you…it’s about being honest with yourself. So I hope that people from this can learn to be more honest with themselves,” Franklin said.

Some of her friends started a Go Fund Me page, a website to raise money for not only her horse’s medical bills, but also for Womenspace, a local shelter for victims of domestic violence. The Womenspace 24-hour Crisis Line is 541-485-6513 or toll free at 800-281-2800.phone number is

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  1. Jacob Z says:

    We grew up as neighbors and childhood friends, I take my dogs to her mother for grooming. This was a huge shock when I found out about this, I’m deeply saddened her life ended so short and so tragicly.

    RIP Casey, you’ll always be a friend and in my heart.

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