Friends Mourn Loss of UO Grad

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EUGENE, Ore. — As Oakland Police continue to investigate the shooting death of of a 2013 Oregon graduate, Aya Nakano’s friends and family are speaking out about the young man they knew.

Bryan Hickey lived with Nakano for two years during their time at the University of Oregon; he says Nakano was a popular student who liked video games and sports. The news of his death came as a complete shock to Hickey and his friends, who say they never expected that such a thing could happen to the young man they knew.

“Not in a million years, never,” says Hickey. “It’s just beyond words. It’s shocking what happened. It’s going to take a long time to get through this.”

Now, his friends are leaning on each other for support, and as the police continue their investigation, Nakano’s loved ones hope that the people responsible will be behind bars soon.

“Makes me sick, makes me scared, makes me really sad,” says Hickey. “I hope we can catch him.”

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