Friends of Civic Stadium Bid Rejected

civic stadiumEUGENE, Ore. — From four to three, the 4J school board crossed one group off the list in the bid for civic stadium. The district said “Friends of Civic Stadium” is no longer in the running to buy the ballpark.

It’s a decision the 4J school board’s been trying to make for years and now the game is coming to an end. “We are about six weeks out from now,” said Kerry Delf, 4J spokesperson.

The school board eliminated the group “Friends of Civic Stadium” from the running, which means there are just three groups left up to bat to purchase or lease the historic ballpark. Two of them, the city of Eugene and the YMCA seemed to have game plans that generated the most support from the community. “I’d love to see that be a community based area still and remain community based. It was a great place to go, bring your families, and share a lovely evening,” said Eugene resident Linda Farmer.

“I personally believe regardless of any of the applicants that to just sell this off because legitimate need is a breach of faith with the past and with the people of Eugene,” said Eugene resident Scott Bartlett.

The other team that’s stepping up to the plate is Fred Meyer. “But that they have a Fred Meyer in the lead I was just very amazed that a Fred Meyer would be under consideration for that area,” said Farmer.

But Fred Meyer says it has plenty of fans cheering on its proposal. “We understand that we might not be a favorite option for some members of the community, but we’ve talked to a lot of the community. We’ve had some open houses for the neighborhood. There is support for us there as well, it’s a great financial option for the school district and the community,” said Melinda Merrill, Fred Meyer spokesperson.

All three groups will take a time out until one week from Wednesday when they’ll present their plans to the school board during an executive session. The district said it will get a recommendation from the superintendent by the end of the month. It says it will make a final decision on which if any of the proposals it will accept by February 19th.

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