Friends of Civic Stadium Fundraising

EUGENE, Ore. — More than two dozen people turned out Wednesday night to show their support and open their wallets to save Civic Stadium.

Friends of Civic Stadium opened an escrow account with Evergreen Land Title to raise funds. The group kicked off the fundraising at Tsunami Books in Eugene.

It wants to show the Eugene City Council that the community is behind efforts to re-use and revitalize the historic stadium. The funds raised would only be used for construction and remodeling costs enabling it to be used as a sports and entertainment venue.

The group says there was already an anonymous donor who gave $10,000. The group says it’s received donations from across the country and one even came from Germany.

“It’s raising the attention of now is the time. If it is going to happen it is now,” said Friends of Civic Stadium President Dennis Herbert. “The community is coming out. We are getting a lot of donations.”

“Doing something that will preserve that center of the city facility for sports for kids and families to come and continue to serve our community–that is a real priority for me,” said Eugene resident Sarah Ulerick.

Friends of Civic Stadium are encouraging the city council to bring back the tabled motion for the city to use park bonds money to purchase the site from the 4J School District.

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