Friends Remember Dean Sweeden

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EUGENE, Ore. — As the Eugene Police Department investigates a Eugene man’s death his friends gathered in his honor Wednesday night.

Police say 23 year-old Dean Sweeden died after a possible assault in downtown Eugene Wednesday morning.

Friends say once they heard the news of Sweeden’s passing, they decided to meet to remember and honor their friend.

They met right by the the skate park to pay tribute to Sweeden.

They sat in a solemn circle playing cards and some took a moment, stood and hugged.

Sweeden was discovered Wednesday morning in 6th Alley — between Lincoln and Lawrence — a victim of an apparent assault.

He later died at the hospital.

The violent crimes unit and forensic evidence and patrol unit were on scene collecting evidence.

But information into what happens remains limited.

Those who gathered Wednesday night say they wish they would’ve been there to help their friend.

“I’m pretty sure he was on the same level thinking about me as his friend like she’ll be safe right? No. I was upset this morning because everybody says if I had been there — but if would’ve been there it would have been different,” said Heather McBride.

“When you call somebody a brother you should be there and I wasn’t there for him. And I should’ve. And when I heard about it not only was I angry it hit me really hard,” said Scott Saddler.

Friends who gathered Wednesday night say they don’t know what happened and if Sweeden was alone.

Friends we spoke with had differing opinions on if Sweeden had any problems with people.

Some say he got into fights, others say he didn’t.

They also say he was heavily involved in Occupy Eugene and Whoville.

Right now police are still trying to figure out what happened.

Anyone with information is asked to call Eugene Police Department.

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  1. JB says:

    Another popular felon in the community bites the dust. Again someone did the community a favor. This guy has a rap sheet a mile long. Hopefully there aren’t too many tax payer dollars being wasted on finding the guy who did the deed. This was a bad man.

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