Friends Remember Man Killed in Florence

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene man killed by a log on a Florence beach Sunday was remembered by his friends and frequent customers, Tuesday.

Ming Hsieh and his wife own the Yi Shen Market and Restaurant in west Eugene. Friends and acquaintances say the news of his death is heartbreaking. They remembered his generosity and how his American dream helped pave the way for other local businesses.

People who visit Yi Shen usually walk right through the front doors and were greeted by Hsieh and his wife while they ate or picked up grocery items. But on Tuesday, people who visited stayed outside the doors to drop stuff off.

People left flowers, their thoughts and their prayers for Hsieh’s family.

Officials say he lost his life to help save a family member.

“My dad had called me and told me. I was driving. It probably wasn’t a good time to hear it. I actually had to pull over and I started crying. I started thinking about him,” said friend Angela Chan.

Chan knew Hsieh since she was a kid. She now co-owns the Koho Bistro and says his work ethic never went unnoticed by anyone who knew him.

“He has inspired me with all his hard work. He’s a super hard worker and he’s always there. Every time I went there, he was always at the restaurant,” Chan said.

Friends and frequent customers say Hsieh’s iconic store paved the way for other businesses in town.

“He was a big figure in the Asian community and a lot of people went to him. I think he was the first pho restaurant here in Eugene and really helped open the door for Vietnamese food,” Chan said.

“When you go in there, it’s always him and his wife, you know, iconic mom and pop, American dream store,” said frequent customer Tony Ngo.

“All I could think is he’s a hardworking man. He was always head down in his cuisine,” said frequent customer Bret Ford.

That hard work, paired with a soft heart leaves an impression on friends and anyone who walks out of those doors at Yi Shen.

“We just lost a great man,” Ngo said.

“He was a really sweet and gentle man,” Chan said.

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  1. Dan says:

    Very tragic, words escape me.

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