Friends Search for Missing Man

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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Friends and family have joined Lane County rescue crews in the search for a missing Oakland man.

Brian Trumbo, 27, has been missing for more than two weeks, and a group of about 10 friends decided to take search efforts into their own hands Tuesday in the Dorena Lake area. They say although they’re not looking for anything in particular, they are looking at everything they can.

“The more time that slips by with no answers, it really just brings up more concerns. And having more questions that aren’t answered, it’s a feeling that we’re trying to get rid of you know?” said friend Anjuli Marsh.

Despite the undertaking of scouring the vast soil leading into the lake, feeling the bitter wind, and peering into a towering forest, a group of friends are staying focused on 27-year-old Brian Trumbo who’s been missing for more than two weeks.

“It’s like a movie that could be 900 different endings or beginnings. It’s tough,” said Nathan Marsh.

“It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack,” Anjuli said. “The hope is to find anything to bring to authorities that would help bring him home,” Anjuli said.

Friends and family say the last they heard, he left his home in Oakland, bound for Eugene Dec. 11. They say the car he was driving–a green Ford Expedition–was found either at the Rat Creek Boat Ramp or somewhere nearby.

“We wanted to at least go look in those areas to see if there was anything odd, and to be honest, there was some stuff, we’ll probably look a little bit more today,” Nathan said.

Nathan Marsh is Trumbo’s former employer. He says he heard from Trumbo the day before he went missing.

“You know it’s just uncharacteristic a lot of this stuff,” Nathan said. “It’s been pretty stressful, takes a toll emotionally, definitely. Your mind can definitely take off in places you don’t want it to take off.”

But Tuesday wasn’t about mulling over the what if’s. It was about the what is.

“That we can find some evidence or something that they overlooked,” Nathan said. “I feel like this is the beginning. Until he’s home safe and sound, we will keep trying to find anything that will help bring him home.”

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office could not confirm exactly where it found the car or if it has any leads. There was a possible sighting of Trumbo in the Row River area near Dorena Reservoir. But if you have any information, contact the sheriff’s office.

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