Frontier Airlines to Arrive in Eugene

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EUGENE, Ore. — Major changes will land at the Eugene Airport soon, a new airline is coming to town.

Airport managers announced Monday morning that Frontier Airlines will begin servicing the Eugene Airport starting in May. The airline will provide non-stop flights to and from Denver, a big incentive for passengers looking to travel east.

“We’re happy to announce today, that Frontier Airlines is going to be starting service on May 16th to the Eugene market,” said Tim Doll, Eugene Airport Director.

Frontier will offer non-stop service to Denver three times a week, a route that’s currently only offered by United and more than 90-percent full every flight.

“The one flight that this airport has to denver has been overbooked a number of times, and they have a capacity of about 95-percent of the average daily flight,” said Shannon Nill, Airport Advisory Committee.

Adding Frontier’s service will free up more seats to Denver and, more importantly, the entire eastern half of the country

“There’s probably a good 30 to 35 percent of our passengers that go east coast connections,” Doll said.

There could be an even higher percentage if Eugene didn’t lose so many east-bound travelers to the Portland Airport, which Doll is hoping won’t happen as frequently with frontier bringing in so many more east-bound connections.

After connecting in Denver, Frontier will take passengers to any of its 57 other destinations

“Denver is a great hub; so if you can get to Denver, you’re on your way to anywhere in the United States,” Nill said.

“They service Orlando, they service all over the eastern and northern parts of the country, so there should be a lot of one-stop destinations that have pretty nice connecting times and pretty nice fares,” Doll said.

Frontier’s non-stop service to denver will start at $79 each way.

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