Fugitive Returned to Oregon for DUII

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LINN COUNTY, Ore. — There’s a break in a 16-year-old cold case ¬†as a fugitive makes her first appearance in an Oregon court after she fled the country.

Investigators say Jean Keating was awaiting trial on manslaughter and DUII charges in 1997 when her attorney said she disappeared.

Earlier this year, police in Canada heard a woman at a bar talking about getting away with a DUII-involved crash in the United States. They managed to get the woman’s fingerprints and were able to identify her.

Jewel Anderson, the victim, had five children who have stuck together through the whole ordeal.

“First thing I did was get on the phone and call my kids and say they found the lady that killed mom,” says Geneva Brown, the victim’s daughter. “So it was a joy, it was kind of a happy feeling knowing that we will be able to get this behind us.”

Keating pleaded not guilty at her arraignment. She’s being held on five million dollars bail and her next court date is scheduled for September.

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