Fundraising Through Bowl Making

EUGENE, Ore. — Dozens of people picked up skills on glass making Saturday by making bowls for Food for Lane County.

It was part of the Fuse-A-Thon Bowl Fundraiser, which allows people to make glass bowls for free. The bowls made will be sold at FFLC’s empty bowl fundraiser in May.

Although the fundraiser introduces a lot of new people to the art of glass making, it also brings back familiar faces each year.

“We have one lady who’s making four plates today and she usually makes 4 plates each year and so she brings her friends, and a lot of people bring their friends and we get a lot of new interest in how to make glass,” said Susann Bradley, Oregon Glass Guild member.

The Oregon Glass Guild participates in the fundraiser each year, but this year was the first year the group offered two sessions.

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