Fundraising Using Social Media

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Book after book line the shelves at Thurston High School’s library, but there’s one title in particular Hannah Doyle is trying to find.

“I’m looking to see if they have a copy of Beloved by Toni Morrison,” she said.

It’s not in fiction. We then try a reserved area for school book club members. They have three copies, but that’s not enough for an entire class.

Doyle has actually never been to Thurston High until now. She’s a senior at the University of Oregon. Her classwork brought her there.

“The class is called Internet, Society, and Philosophy,” Doyle said.

Her final assignment is a social media experiment. Her team came up an online fundraiser called “Books for Thurston High School.” The goal is to raise $750, enough to buy 40 copies of Beloved.

Caroline Comerford is a language arts teacher. A new requirement this year for students is an American literature course for juniors. Since it’s new, books are limited.

“It really important to teach the stories of all sorts of American people, and so Beloved really fills a void,” Comerford said.

It represents both African-American literature and literature by women. With Doyle’s social media experiment, Comerford may have her wish.

Online donations will be accepted Sunday until midnight. Purchase a book for $18, and your name will go inside it. And then Friday, March 8, there’s another fundraiser happening at the Yogurt Extreme at both the 13th Avenue and Willamette Street locations in Eugene.

You can print out a flyer, and 20 percent of all proceeds will go to the fundraiser, “Books for Thurston High School.”

The goal now is to spread the word on line.

Click here for more information on the fundraiser.

Click here for the fundraiser flyer.

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