Funds to Boost Homeless Veteran Housing

EUGENE, Ore. — Homeless veterans are getting a big boost in housing funding to the tune of $60 million nationwide.

Grace Manor staff and tenants are pleased to hear there will be more funding from the HUD Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Program, which they say is vital for homeless veterans in Lane County. The program funds a lot of the public housing agencies across the country and now it has additional $60 million to disperse.

Grace Manor in Eugene houses homeless veterans and gets a lot of its funding from the HUD-VASH program. Staff and tenants say homeless veterans in Lane County are in dire need of more housing.

“Right now I get so many phone calls from veterans themselves who say, ‘Hey, I need room,’ and thankfully we’re all full here, so there is a great need and maybe we can use that money to expand our program,” said Daniel Vlaicu, Grace Manor Executive Director.

“This will help out quite a bit to get a lot of veterans that are out on the street off the street,” said tenant Victor Macie.

Grace Manor doesn’t know how much money it will get getting. Staff say they’re constantly booked, and they are hopeful whatever they get could go toward opening another facility or even to help house those homeless veterans who still need a place to live.

The grants announced Wednesday are part of $75 million that have already gone toward housing needs of homeless veterans.

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