Funnel Cloud Passes Through Town

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HARRISBURG, Ore. — Residents are still talking about the funnel cloud that touched down in Harrisburg on Thursday.

People we spoke to say the day started just like any other, but the weather turned bizarre shortly before 5 p.m when the funnel cloud made its presence known. Friends and neighbors who spotted it immediately began capturing the phenomenon in pictures and video.

Although the funnel cloud only lasted about five minutes, some residents say that was enough time to make them worry about what might happen if it touched down.

“It would be nice to know or have a town meeting or something so that we know what we should be doing in a situation like that,” said resident Tiffani Darcy. “As far as I know, we’re not equipped for it. That’s a scary thought.”

Harrisburg wasn’t the only Oregon town to see unusual weather on Thursday; an EF-1 tornado ripped through McMinnville, tearing the roof off one building and damaging several other structures. ┬áNo one was hurt in either case.

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