Funtastic Carnival Hires for County Fair

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane County Fair kicks off Wednesday. The annual event is a tradition not just for fair fans, but for employees too.

After a relatively quiet Monday morning, things were a bit more hectic by the afternoon.

Organizers say much of the setting up is now underway, and will continue well into Tuesday evening. Some vendors, like Funtastic Carnival, which deals with the various fair rides were coming in from other events.

Funtastic Carnival held their annual hiring at 1 p.m. Monday. Close to 30 applicants were at the fairgrounds well before then, in hopes of securing a job in this year’s fair. Many of them try to make working the event an annual tradition themselves.

“The reason I come out is because last year I came and there was a line of probably a thousand people and I didn’t get to work” said applicant Michael Houchins.

“I keep coming back because it’s just a bunch of fun. The money’s a bonus; but man, when you’re in Eugene, why not have fun right?” said applicant Brandon Kern.

Funtastic Carnival expects to hire around 150 local employees. There were some concerns voiced about the short amount of time available to train workers, but the Funtastic representatives say all the equipment is maintained and set up by full-time workers with the company. Seasonal employees are trained extensively and supervised until they are able to run everything themselves.

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