Gambling Bill Passes Through Senate

2-26 GAMBLING BILL PICSALEM, Ore. — A bill to reinstate funding for gambling addiction advertisements passed through the Oregon Senate Wednesday.

Bill 4028 is backed by Lane County Commissioners and Lane County Prevention on problem gambling awareness and education.

The county says the state cut millions of dollars to the program last year, deciding they could only focus on responsible gambling efforts, rather than problem gambling.

“Most people when they gamble they only do it once in a while. They might go for a little bit to a casino, and they might spend a little bit of money, go to a buffet. They might spend a little bit of money on powerball. But for problem gamblers that’s when they really start crossing the line. They start spending more money than they need to spend and can afford to spend,” said Julie Hynes, Lane County Public Health Senior Community Health Analyst.

A spokesman for the Oregon Lottery says there wasn’t any funding cut, it was only about $100,000 that were re-directed.

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