GameDay Returns to UO Campus

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EUGENE, Ore. — Ducks fans are very pleased with ESPN’s location selection, reprising last year’s set-up on the Memorial Quad with the Lillis Business Complex in the background.

Both students and the athletic department say this will be the loudest GameDay crowd yet.

This weekend will mark Oregon’s fourth straight year of visits from ESPN’s College GameDay, something the Ducks consider quite a compliment.

“We’re very fortunate that they’ve been back four straight years and seven overall and they keep coming back because our fans show up in droves,” said Craig Pintens, UO Athletics spokesman.

With an unbeatable crowd, and a top-five team, Eugene is an ESPN favorite.

But once in Eugene, what’s the favorite GameDay locale?

“No matter where it is, at any school, they need to pick a location that’s accessible for people, but they also need to pick a location that has enough space, and then aesthetically it has to provide a great back drop,” Pintens said.

For five out of the past six visits, the network set up shop right across from Autzen.

But last year ESPN claimed to crave a more academic feel, posting up right smack in the middle of campus. It was seemingly a better fit for the show and for students who say the quad just makes more sense. So it’s prettier, closer and roomier, and ESPN seems to agree, enough to set up on the quad for the second year in a row.

ESPN crews will start to move in later in the week.

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