GameDay Sets Up on UO Campus

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EUGENE, Ore. — ESPN College GameDay crews are finally all moved into the University of Oregon’s memorial quad.

Crews worked all Wednesday night and Thursday morning and were very happy with the weather. It was all sunny skies for set-up.

Last year, GameDay came in October, which meant a little chilly but totally dry, so weather could be a little different this time around.

Also a little different is the set-up. The crew says the main stage is a few feet bigger this year and they have a ticker that will scroll anybody’s tweets to GameDay across the stage.

But remember, it’s still outdoors here, which could separate the ducks from the ducklings.

“We don’t provide heat and we don’t provide shelter. We provide the show. People maybe come out a little later in the morning once it clears up hopefully for our show,” said Judi Weiss, GameDay Operations Producer.

The crew has weather detectors that will keep them up-to-date on just how much rain we could be seeing here at the GameDay set. They say the biggest challenge is wind, which could be in the forecast, but they have the roof of the stage weighted down with 2,500 pounds on each side, so hopefully that will do the trick.

Click on the video above to see an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how GameDay is  put together week after week.

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