Gas Prices Drop During Holidays

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Just in time for the holidays, drivers are getting a present at the pumps.

Gas prices are creeping down to $3 a gallon. You could call it a gift, but some say this is more what prices should look like.

No matter how you look at it, the lower prices are giving customers some much needed relief.

Thanks to dropping digits at the pump, for drivers it almost feels like they’ve found extra cash that wasn’t there before. That’s because Oregonians are seeing some of the cheapest gas prices they’ve seen all year.

Experts say numbers could sink even more. Right now the average price of gas is $3.37–down 19 cents from a month ago. It’s a drop of nearly a dollar from what commuters paid this summer, and drivers are feeling the difference.

During the holidays, even a little boost is a huge help.

While some are hopeful these prices are here to say, others say this is hardly a gift. Analysts say gas trends show prices do typically go down in during the winter season when people drive less and there is less demand. But people who do drive during this time to see family or friends during the holidays say this price difference is sure helping.

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