Gas Prices Hit $4 Again

EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Just when we were celebrating cheaper gas prices, they shot right back up.

Drivers are paying four dollars at the pump again this summer.

Drivers feel like they can’t catch a break with these constant fluctuating gas prices. At the Arco on Gateway it’s $3.89, but that’s probably the lowest price you’ll see in Eugene and Springfield. The average in the area is $4–that’s up 38 cents per gallon than a month ago.

Analysts speculate this is because of the Chevron fire as well as the end of summer driving season, but some drivers aren’t buying it.

The highest gas prices we saw this summer was an average of $4.34 cents in May. The lowest was $3.42 in the beginning of July. The national average right now is $3.70.

Analysts predict a drop in mid-September that could last until the holiday season, which is a relief many say they can’t wait to see.

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