Gas Prices Jump 20 Cents in One Week

EUGENE, Ore. — We’re now feeling the effects of that oil refinery fire in Richmond, California last week. Gas prices all across the country are up, but they’re highest in the Northwest.

Just in the last week, the price of a gallon of regular unleaded has shot up 20 cents to $3.88 in the Eugene/Springfield area. Statewide, the price is a just a couple cents less — $3.86. Compare that to the national average, which is $3.69.


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  1. remoteforword566 says:

    If gas prices go past 4.50 a gallon,worry!

  2. Robert says:

    Just as the gas prices drop from the repairs on the Washington refinery which caused hideous prices in Wa and Or but not in Ca(?) we get hit with this. Nice to know that one company’s refinery has such a huge effect on the price of all companies’ gasoline.

    Supply and Demand? not much. It sounds more like a design with intended ‘Single Point Failures’

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