Generosity Leads to New Sandbox for Boy

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EUGENE, Ore. — Two Home Depot employees are being commended for their good will and woodworking skills.

On Tuesday, Angelique Hanscom told two employees–Cory Eckert and Max Hodge–that she wanted some wood to build the sandbox. She told them she didn’t really know how to build it and didn’t want to burden her husband with another task, so the men just decided to build it right there in the store.

Little Tucker watched as the men hammered away and when the task was complete. They earned reward from the little boy–a high five.

“I think he just went above and beyond. I am just shocked. No one does that anymore,” Hanscom said.

“It makes me feel good. I mean, you don’t get to do these things every single day, and that’s why it’s exciting,” Eckert said.

Tucker loves his new sandbox. Right now he’s trying to fill it with dirt as they wait to get sand.

Cory didn’t even charge Hanscom for the hardware. He also had an injured foot with a cast on it and still completed the task.


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  1. Jessica Hodge says:

    I’m so proud of both of them and this is such an awesome story…however I must say it is Max Hodge not Max Godge. Anyway congrats to them and Home Depot!!!

  2. Hannah Rose says:

    Cory is my big brother!! :D

  3. Eularee Smith says:

    This is a great story on what the difference is between sales and service. I teach Customer Service Skills and this young man will definitely be a part of my curriculum for next term.

  4. michael eckert says:

    cory is my son and i am so proud of him…..he always tries to go the extra mile………he is a hard worker and he enjoys his job

  5. Rachel says:

    WAY TO GO GUYS!!!!! So proud to work with the both of you. Max you are the best supervisor!!!

  6. Diane says:

    I am glad this was aired, Tucker is my Nephew and my brother and his wife Angelique have not allowed us to see him since he was 4 months old!! So with this news cast, myself, Tuckers Grandfather (who would have loved to do this sandbox project with his son and grandson) and Tuckers other Aunts and Uncles and cousins got to see what he now looks like! Thank you KEZI

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