Giant Flag Damaged by Winter Storm

GIANT FLAGSPRINGFIELD, Ore — A Springfield veteran, who is the proud owner of an impression American flag collection, says one of his largest flags was badly damaged by the recent ice storm.

Jim Dobson owns Cascade Auto on 38th and Main Street, and what’s usually flying in front of his shop gets a lot of attention.

He has several large flags; the biggest one, which only comes out for the holidays, is 40 by 80 feet. Over the winter, he’s been flying his second biggest flag. It’s 30 by 50 feet.

He says after this month’s snow and ice, he had to send it in for major repairs.

“It was wet, and then as things got colder, it froze,” said Dobson. He said the flag became brittle and started ripping.

“We couldn’t get it down for a couple of days, because it was too windy,” said Dobson.

The flags cost thousands of dollars, and repairs cost hundreds. Dobson says if every person in Springfield gave him a nickel, he’d be able to fly his giant flags, year round.

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  1. Robin Hickman says:

    I drove by Mr. Dobson’s place of business 4 times on Washington’s Birthday (AKA: Presidents’ Day), Monday, February 17th) while posting and striking the Flags of the Springfield Jaycees’ “Flags for Patriotism” program. His American Flag was in pretty sad shape at that time.
    I felt sad that his Flag had gotten into such a tattered and ragged condition, and I wondered why he was still flying it in that condition.
    So-called “all weather” Flags are NOT true “ALL” weather flags. They are, at best, “most weather” Flags. I would have assumed that, as a business owner who has flown large, commercial sized, U.S. Flags from that pole for a number of years, he would have known that and taken the Flag down before the storms hit. But, for all I/we know, he might have been out of town on business and been unable to lower the Flag.
    Having said that, I have a brand new 10’x15′ 2-ply spun polyester Koralex II U.S. Flag made by Valley Forge Flag Company that I’d be willing to sell him for only $150, which is less than half the MSRP of $350.
    Valley Forge’s Koralex Flags are specifically designed and manufactured for flying in “high wind” areas. While a 10’x15′ Flag isn’t as big or as “impressive” as a 30’x50′, 30’x60′, or a 40’x80′ Flag, it is suitable as a “substitute” Flag during inclement weather. On military bases that fly a 10’x19′ or 20’x38′ “Garrison” Flag on a regular basis, they ALWAYS fly a smaller “storm” Flag when the weather (or combat) is deemed to be too threatening for the larger garrison Flag. That was even the case during the British bombardment of Fort McHenry in September, 1814. you might have heard of it. It’s known as the “Star-Spangled Banner”.

    Anyway, my offer for Mr. Dobson to buy my 10’x15′ Koralex II U.S. Flag for $150 stands.

    Robin Hickman
    (“Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man”)
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.

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