Giant Tree Blocks McKenzie Highway

Near BLUE RIVER, Ore. — A giant tree closed down part of Highway 126 Wednesday morning.

ODOT says a large tree fell across the entire roadway, blocking traffic. It was at milepost 37 between Finn Rock and Nimrod.

The McKenzie School District was on a two-hour delay because of that closure.

Crews say the tree was 100 feet long and about five-feet in diameter. ODOT managers also say sometimes healthy-looking trees aren’t doing as well as we think.

“I think there was some rot in the tree. When you look at it, it looks like a healthy tree, but we encounter that sometimes along the ride a way where the tree will look healthy and it’s really got some damage inside that you can’t see,” said Tammy Trenholm, ODOT manager.

All lanes of eastbound 126 are now open.

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