Gifts For a Better World

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Shoppers have one more day left to visit Gifts For A Better World, an international fair trade shop in Corvallis.

The Corvallis group purchases certified fair trade goods from around the world, and every November, the organization sells the products to the public. Volunteers say the purchases help empower crafters living in third world countries.

But all of the sales go directly back into the Corvallis community.

“So each year we decide, depending on how much we have, who to give it to,” said volunteer Sue Tappeiner. “Rather than giving a lump sum, we want to spread it out to different groups.”

Last year, Gifts For a Better World donated money to Community Outreach and the Jackson Street Youth Shelter among other organizations helping the Corvallis community.

This year, Gifts For a Better World is located at the First Congregational Church on West Hills Road in Corvallis. The shop is open from noon until 5 pm on Sunday.

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