Gillette Testifies in Court

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EUGENE, Ore. — Johan Gillette took the stand Friday in his double murder trial, as the defense tried to prove he acted in self-defense.

Johan is charged with murdering his dad James Gillette and his father’s partner, former U of O School of Music Dean Anne McLucas.

Johan Gillette says what happened on Sept. 7, 2012 was an act of self-defense.

He told the court when he went to his dad’s house to get bottled water his dad’s bedroom door was open, and he told him to come in. Johan says his dad didn’t seem angry, but things quickly escalated into a heated argument.

Johan says he was concerned about his dad housing sex offenders on the property, and other county violations.

Johan says his dad said he didn’t have any legal obligation to let Johan and his girlfriend Asia Seaton stay on the property, and he says he told his dad he didn’t have any obligation to keep his violations with the county a secret.

“When I said that I would go down and I would testify to the Lane County Commissioners meetings, when I finished that statement he then said you f****** liar, I’d f******* kill you, and I started laughing at him, not because I thought it was funny, but just nervous and, you know, I was kind of pissed it was probably sarcastic laughter, then he said and Asia and her f******* cats,” Johan Gillette said.

“He just sort of stood there for a couple seconds, and he started going. He started reaching into his pants for his gun. And it was pretty obvious what he was doing from the way he was shuffling his feet. And, you know, in the context of having just threatened me, I think he realized he went over the line when he threatened Asia’s life as well,”┬áJohan Gillette said.

He says after his dad reached for the gun, things got physical. He says he was swinging at his dad’s face when someone jumped on his back. He says he didn’t know it was McLucas, and he reached for what he thought was a chair, but it turned out to be some type of weapon. He says everything was a blur.

In cross examination, the prosecution questioned how Anne McLucas, who weighs much less than Johan, could have taken him down.

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