Gillette’s Girlfriend Testifies in Court

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EUGENE, Ore. — Was it a cold-blooded double-murder, or a son saving himself and others from his violent father? That was the question raised on the third day of the Johan Gillette trial.

Gillette’s girlfriend took the stand for a second day. Asia Seaton has been declared a hostile witness after her heated testimony Thursday.

In an emotional scene in the courtroom Friday, Seaton was brought to tears on multiple occasions. She testified that Johan Gillette’s father, James, was not a victim, but the aggressor, which lead to Johan killing his father.

She says James Gillette was abusive toward everyone including his girlfriend, retired UO professor Anne McLucas. She told the jury that on the day of the murders, she had been sleeping after working a night shift, when her boyfriend, Johan, woke her up to tell her he had gotten into an argument with his father, James.

The prosecution and the defense argued over what she claims Johan told her next. In one instance she claimed Johan killed his father because he pulled a gun on him. But she also told them Johan killed James Gillette, while James was just reaching for a gun.

Seaton also testified there were times Johan would protect her and Anne McLucas from James Gillette because he had an explosive personality.

“He would throw stuff at her, scream at her, like throw hot soup at her. One time she made soup that he didn’t like, and he just took the whole serving bowl and threw it against the wall and it smashed everywhere, and glass flew on all of us,” Seaton said.

Seaton also talked about James Gillette’s violence against animals. She testified James Gillette had shot Anne’s cat as well as other pets in their neighborhood.

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