Girl Donates Shoes to Brattain House

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A young girl from Springfield used her birthday as an opportunity to donate instead of receiving presents.

Ten-year-old Hailey Williams says she has tons of things other kids don’t have, so she decided to put a little heart and sole into her birthday list this year, asking for shoes to donate instead of typical presents.

On Thursday, Williams delivered 16 brand new pairs of shoes to the Brattain House in Springfield.

Organizers of the clothing exchange say they’re very short on supplies this year, so right now these donations from Williams are the only shoes in stock.

Hailey says giving back to the community made her feel really happy and excited.

“I saw on the Disney Channel commercial about two years ago, and I decided to do it too ’cause I already had lots of stuff that other kids didn’t have, so I just decided to do shoes,” Williams said.

Immediately after Williams donated the shoes, a few young boys tried on a few pairs to see if they’d fit. One young boy was wearing cleats because they are the only shoes he owns.

The Brattain House says it normally serves around 1,500 kids, but this year it’s only served 1,000 so far and has very limited supplies left.

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