Girl Upset over Early Holiday Decor

EUGENE, Ore. — It seems like every year the holiday season comes a little sooner.

Stores started decorating for Christmas even before Halloween passed this year, but a local girl is taking a stand against it.

She wrote a letter, saying stores and neighborhoods are skipping Thanksgiving. In the letter, the 7-year-old says Thanksgiving is important because it’s about giving thanks.

“I don’t feel comfortable that people are putting up Christmas lights because one of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving,” said second grader Paige Meador.

“It’s something really important to us because it’s about family and that’s what’s most important, and so I’m really proud of her for writing something like that,” said mother Michelle Meador.

Meador says she’s most thankful this year for her family.


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  1. ElizabethD. says:

    They should put up Christmas decor, after Thanksgiving instead of being greedy!

    1. Mike Angelastro says:

      I agree Paige! What a great job-I am grateful to be your teacher!

      Mr. A.

  2. Cmt says:

    I understand her thoughts on this, although I also understand the early Christmas “push”. Let me explain how I see it.. more and more people are having a harder time getting Christmas items for their families. Some, living paycheck to paycheck, and barely making ends meet. Not everyone lifts their heads up to “see” that Christmas is coming. I think by putting all the Christmas items out early isn’t forgetting about Thanksgiving, but it is giving people a little more time to start thinking about Christmas, and maybe being able to get a few things here and there every payday. So, for people like me, and others, that are really busy with everyday life and hassles, it helps me get prepared for Christmas. Thanksgiving is an awesome time, it isn’t overlooked, go to the food section that is where they are focusing on Thanksgiving! Christmas is a time for thankfulness too, so…

  3. tammy says:

    yes i believe everyone in this whole world has become gretty in some way or another.in this economy the way it seem’s like people corporation’s the government instead of being gretty raiseing the prices of everything, people didnt have the money before the prices went up ,what made them think that if they raised the prices of everything, people would have the money then.. people need to give thanks for what they do have.not material thing either but frtends, family,food to eat ,and a roof over there heads.the thing’s they do have.spending quality time with fanily and friend’s haveing fun over thanks giving dinner is what people need to start doing more of.instead of worrying over who has more money, better car, bigger house and the most money.This seven year old little girl knows more about what holidays then most adult’s do.so kudo’s to the little girl.and a Happy Thanksgiving to her and her family.

  4. Angie says:

    I agree Paige! It isn’t about the tangible but the intangible. So as it relates to those living paycheck to paycheck… it shouldn’t be a concern as we shouldn’t live beyond our means. That absolutely pertains to spending on “stuff”.

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