Giving Kids With Glasses Superpowers

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EUGENE, Ore. — A local mom is trying to make it a little earlier on kids who have to wear glasses and her efforts are receiving national attention.  What started as one creative mom trying to empower her 15-month old son who’s been wearing  an eye patch since he was four weeks old.

15-month old Scott Butler is just like every other little boy. He enjoys playing with his sister Claire and maybe even spends a little time getting into things he’s not supposed to. The only difference, he was born with a cataract that requires him to wear an eye patch.

“We first started out using the skin colored patches and we definitely got a lot of looks from especially young kids,” said Jessica Butler, Scott’s mother.

So Butler decided something needed to be done. “I just wanted him to feel like a superhero in his eye patches and glasses and you know feel like he was really cool,” said Butler.

Like Batman, Robin, and  Superman, Scott needed a cape and some superhero shirts. “After I started doing a couple I really thought the other kids would enjoy them too,” said Butler.

What started as a kickstarter project has grown into much more. “We’ve had a huge support from people all around the country and even around the world that are buying shirts,” said Butler. In two months she’s sold nearly 600 shirts of all sizes, designs, and colors.

“So we have a design that says my glasses give me superpowers. It has a cape on the back with a pair of glasses superhero logo, a shirt that says never give up with a bunch of patches on it, monster wearing glasses, and some shirts like that that are really fun,” said Butler.

Not only have these shirts empowered kids to feel proud of their glasses and patches, they’ve brought parents together who share a common struggle. “Patching is not easy, it’s a struggle everyday and so it’s just kind of encouraging parents to never give up because they’re doing the best thing possible for their kids and their vision.

With his glasses, eye patch, and superpowers, Scott’s weak eye is developing to catch up to the strong one. “So as long as we’re patching his vision is almost equal between the two eyes,” said Butler.

Butler’s also working with some local non-profits to get these shirts to kids in need who wear glasses and need a little boost in their superpowers.


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