Glenwood Center Talks Being Reorganized

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Lane County commissioners are once again talking about a proposed multi-million dollar conference center and hotel in the Glenwood area.

The price tag on the project is nearly $43 million. Although financial discussions with Lane County has hit a snag, county commissioners say they’d still like to be a part of the project after talks are reorganized.

It’s a small part of the Eugene-Springfield community but the plans in Glenwood are big.

One proposal is the multimillion dollar, 150 room hotel and conference center on the riverfront. Like the river, talks early on about financing were flowing along smoothly but, recently hit a snag.

“We heard a number but yet, we never really saw that from a standpoint of ‘Here’s what we would like and this is the reasons why’ and didn’t really give much of a cost benefit analysis of why and what that money would serve,” said Lane County commissioner, Sid Leiken.

Although hard to speculate, Leiken says a more defined role for the county from the beginning and a more detailed plan from developers could have helped.

“I would say at least we would be moving in a point where we would be giving a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, and because of a lack of the detailed information, it was really hard for us to give that answer,” said Leiken.

Leiken says he, along with the financial partners behind the project, are in agreement. The project isn’t dead.

“Even from their perspective, they don’t necessarily view this as being put on hold. Instead, reorganized,” he said.

Leiken believes with talks being reorganized and the direction discussions are moving, there’s great potential to see the deal completed.

“If lane county can play a positive role in supporting their efforts and where it makes sense from our perspective, I think I would like to see us move forward on that but again, specifics will be important,” he said.

Leiken says Lane County would like to focus on the Glenwood area as a whole—helping with infrastructure, roads, parking, and leave that specific project in the hands of Springfield.

He says this could come before the board of commissioners again in October.

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