Goats Clean Up Backyard Debris

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — It’s all fun and games for this tribe of goats right now, but that’s only because they’re in between jobs right now. “They’re such an effective way to clear brush and environmentally friendly way. I had half an acre in my pasture and it took ten goats a month to eat down half an acre,” said Pam Basilius, owner of A Peaceful Sanctuary.

Basilius’ eight goats aren’t just pets, they’re her employees. “I just brought them back from a job in Veneta. They’ve been there for five weeks and they’re just very efficient eaters. They’ll eat all the foliage down so there’s just the stumps left and it makes them very easy to clear up,” said Basilius.

The goats will eat just about anything, from blackberry bushes to Christmas trees. “They do like eating my Christmas tree a lot,” said Basilius.

The locations of their jobs couldn’t be any more different than the types of foods they eat. “I’ve had several jobs this year and most of the jobs are in the city actually instead of in the country. A lot in the Whiteaker area and they’re just great for just if a backyard is overrun by blackberries and just put a couple of goats there for a month and then it makes it a lot easier to clean up the yard,” said Basilius.

So instead of looking for a helping hand to conquer that tough yardwork, these goats are offering a helping hoof and a hungry stomach to get the job done. “So you don’t have to use pesticides, you still have to deal with the stumps, but you can burn them or dig them out, but at least you can get rid of your blackberries and brush in an environmentally friendly way,” said Basiius.

The farm rents out these goats for $2 a day per goat. Each job must employ a minimum of three goats.

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  1. sarah says:

    do you know which farm is renting theses goats?

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