Good Samaritan Stabbed During Robbery

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield man accused of attacking a good Samaritan during an attempted robbery is accused of committing a different crime earlier that day.

Springfield police said James Michael Jordan tried to rob a 70-year-old woman Wednesday night outside the Walgreen’s at 58th and Main Street. They said before that he tried to rob an Albertson’s pharmacy.

Police said when the elderly woman wouldn’t give him anything he stole her prescription and ran off. A bystander then stepped in to help out. “A lot of citizens here they take exception to people out behaving in this manner and they’re not afraid to help other people out and take matters into their own hands when they need to,” said Sgt. Pete Kirkpatrick, Springfield Police Department.

Police said Jordan pulled out a knife and tried to stab the good Samaritan, but it didn’t work. The man was not hospitalized for his injuries.

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