Goodwill Bomb Scare Prompts Police Safety Warnings

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A pipe bomb scare shut down a Goodwill store for nearly two hours Saturday.

Employees found what looked like two pipe bombs in their donation dropbox.

Springfield police say the bombs were fake but had they been real, the situation could have been deadly.

Officers responded to the call that an employee at the Goodwill on 30th Street came across the suspicious devices.

One employee brought the items inside.

Police evacuated the building and called the bomb squad.

The items were deemed non-explosive, but officials said always think twice before making a move in this type of situation.

“Call the police so that we can come out there and evaluate it and have it dealt with in place. Because it would be just terrible for somebody to find something like that, like an employee at this business, and pick it up and somehow shaking it might detonate it, and it goes off and it causes injury or death to someone there. That would just be a terrible situation,” said Sergeant Richard Jones of the Springfield Police Department.

Police said if the bombs hadn’t been fake, the perpetrator could have been charged with a felony, and whatever their intentions, right now they could still be charged with a misdemeanor.

Police are still looking for who is responsible for the scare. Anyone with information is asked to contact Springfield police.

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