Goshen Fire Chief Faces Scrutiny

GOSHEN DEVELOPMENTGOSHEN, Ore. — There’s a feud between volunteer firefighters and their chief in Goshen.

The Goshen Volunteer Firefighters Association wrote a letter to its board, requesting a third party to mediate and investigate the situation.

The special district’s association of Oregon spoke with firefighters this week, but the fire chief in Goshen says he didn’t know there were concerns with his leadership.

When asked if he is too tough on his staff, Goshen Rural Fire District Chief David Wolting said, “I wouldn’t say that, but that’s my opinion, and there could be contrary opinions to that.”

“Many people felt intimidated or coerced on a variety of levels and that along with that was a vote of no confidence to the chief,” said Aaron Gibbens, Oregon Volunteer Firefighters Association.

The volunteer association’s secretary won’t give specifics, but says a number of people have resigned.

Chief Wolting says he’s never received any notices. They hope to have results of the investigation next week.

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