Govt. Shutdown Impacts Oregon

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Wednesday was the second day of the government shutdown and it’s impacting quite a few people in our area.

The Bureau of Land Management and Oregon Department of Agriculture offices were closed Wednesday; but, it’s not just people who work directly for the federal government who are impacted by the government shutdown.

“I work at a teen center where a lot of youth come in every day,” said Eugene resident Jace Coleman.

One local man, who works at a nonprofit funded by the federal government, says he also received a furlough notice Tuesday afternoon.

“So I was like dang there goes my paycheck,” Coleman said.

Even though it’s only been a day, he’s already on the hunt for a new job.

“Another job because who knows, it could be from people say a few weeks, few days or maybe a few months; we have no idea,” Coleman said.

The National Guard Armory in Springfield wasn’t as busy as normal, signs hang in the doorway of the offices telling people workers are out of the office. Nearly 2,000 BLM employees are on unpaid vacation until funding is restored. It says just 27 employees are currently working in both Oregon and Washington.

Answering machine messages all sounded the same.

No matter what government entity these employees work for, one man currently on furlough says he and his wife went from a two pay check household, to just one. He says the change is tough to deal with.

“One paycheck on SII, which is $710 a month and which our bills about $600 and all this we are really trying to get things moving,” Coleman said.

The Oregon Department of Military says about half of its employees are also currently furloughed.


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  1. ahshucks says:

    Just think of all the money were saving in wages and waste from the government. That reduces the deficit.

  2. cyberjnke says:

    Notice how that which benefits the people gets shut down as non-essential while everything that benefits the Govt is deemed essential and remains.

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