Graduate Overcomes Tough Journey

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EUGENE, Ore. — Graduates at the University of Oregon had a lot to celebrate in their academic journey at this morning’s commencement.

But for one graduate the road to success was a little more complicated.

It’s been six years since Taylor Krieg enrolled at the University of Oregon.

And with a few bumps along the way she’s now crossing that stage with her head held high, confident in her future.

She says she’s relieved to finally put on her gap and gown.

“My freshman year was a joke. I share that with a lot of other students though. I barely moved onto my sophomore year with a 2.5,” said Krieg, graduate.

Krieg says she never knew her full potential and decided to take a year off.

She eventually found her calling and decided she wanted to go back to school for emergency medicine.

But then something unexpected happened.

“I still get really emotional about this because I didn’t have a dad growing up, my brother was like, I put him up on a pedestal he was there for me when I was having hard times. So to see him I guess weak I felt, I was so angry with him that he would put me through this,” said Krieg.

Her family had to send her brother to drug rehab.

She says that experience made her stronger.

“To have this all of a sudden happen to me and push me into a serious role with a lot of responsibility it made me grow a lot,” said Krieg.

Her family got through that hard time.

And her mom Cindy says she’s proud to say both of her kids are graduating this year.

“And to watch her understand on her own in other words learn her potential on her own, without me pushing has been as a mother that’s good. It means more because she’s learned on her own,” said Cindy Krieg, Taylor’s mom.

She finished college making straight A’s and couldn’t be more excited about the future.

“I am so thankful for where I’ve come and how I’ve grown up and what I’ve learned so I wouldn’t change my life for the world,” said Krieg.

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