Grand Juries Rule Taser Use Justified

ROSEBURG, Ore. — A Douglas County grand jury says two Roseburg police officers were justified when they used their Taser guns on a man in June. The man died after the incident.

Officers say Greg price was jumping on cars outside the Douglas County Courthouse on June 22. They say he was speaking and acting erratically, wouldn’t listen to their commands, and physically resisted being placed under arrest, so they shot him with Taser guns.

He stopped breathing and died soon after. State coroners say Price’s death was caused from heart disease, along with stress from the altercation, methamphetamine use and delirium.

Meanwhile, another Douglas County grand jury found two Douglas County sheriff’s deputies were justified when they used Taser guns on a man in Canyonville, leading to his death.

Walter McKelvey died outside a grocery store in March, while deputies tried to arrest him. Investigators say McKelvey was acting very strange, even running into nearby traffic, so the deputies shot him with Taser guns. They say he kept struggling, and then he stopped breathing and died.

The state coroner says McKelvey had meth in his system at the time.

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