Grand Jury Hands Down Murder Charge

3-6 strebendt murderSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Springfield man who claimed self-defense after fatally shooting another man following a crash is facing a murder charge.

The Springfield Police Department says the grand jury issued a warrant for murder for Gerald Strebendt. Officers arrested Strebendt about six Thursday night.

The charge goes back to what happened on January 29, on Bob Straub Parkway. Strebendt and another man, David Crofut, got into a wreck. Police say both men got out of their cars and then there was some type of argument.

That’s when Strebendt’s lawyer, Mike Arnold, says Crofut threatened Strebendt’s life. Strebendt shot and killed Crofut and claimed it was self-defense.

Police say Strebendt was the only one with a gun.

Strebendt’s attorney issued this statement to KEZI 9 News:

“It remains our position that if an angry and hostile stranger acts aggressively to you, tells you he has a weapon and threatens to kill you, you are entitled to take him at his word.┬áNo armchair quarterbacking by the government changes that fact. Private citizens shouldn’t be held to a different standard than a police officer in a shooting. in this situation a police officer would have been cleared of the shooting within days.”

Arnold says Strebendt is due in court Friday at 1:30.


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  1. Ron says:

    I disagree with his attorney. He shot a murdered an unarmed old man which with the experience the killer had, he could have taken the old guy out with his bear hands and held him for the cops..but no..he has to shoot the unarmed old man with a rifle..not a handgun??
    Bye bye killer….

  2. m says:

    First, I am all with you this mr. Strebendt killed Mr. Crofut. mr. Strebendt shot him with an AR15, and why anyone would carry around an AR 15(in springfield oregon) in the back of their car all the time is beyond me.
    My fammily members came back from Vietnam in bad shape most of them lived with mental health illness issues and the ones still alive still do have them. Mr. Strebendt did kill another person and will be trialled for that.
    This is my point, when my family members came back from Vietnam they had mental helth issue and still do, take it these were Heros they did not shoot and kill anyone because of their rage. they we messed up and had it really hard. when you are ordered to shoot wemen and children, what do you think that does to a person.
    I am just saying I am as outraged at this MARINES behavior as any other vet, but point being Does this guy have PTSD? It sounds like he does, I don’t think he means to be a killer I think he is sick. I think his attoney needs to have him evaluated for PTSD.
    I also think it is exstreamly shamfull that SFPD let him go rather than either put him in jail or a hospital.
    My point is Mr. Strebendt may be ill and if he is ill he is that way because he served and protected you and I. Its just somthing to think about, before becoming enraged over his actions.

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