Grant to Further Education Eagle Point

educationEAGLE POINT, Ore. — Jackson County School District 9 is working to make sure all of its elementary students have proficient reading skills. Now, that is easier to do after receiving a grant as part of the Oregon Response to Intervention Project.

As part of the project, students are tested three times per year to make sure they are on track for their age in reading. This multiple test approach allows teachers to quickly detect students who may be struggling and do something about it.

One of those approaches is intervention classes, where students have the opportunity to learn in a smaller group environment. The district is planning to use the grant funds to keep students on track through improving this program and others.

“Well, most of the research tells us that if a student is not reading at grade level by third grade, then the chances of them graduating from high school on time and then going on to college are really very low,” said Director of School Improvement Tina Mondale.

Administrators say the grant will help to further the intervention program and ultimately achieve their goal of 100 percent graduation by 2025.

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