Grass Seed Season Affecting Allergies

SHEDD, Ore. — If you’ve been sniffling a little more lately, you’re not alone.

Local grass seed farmers say all of the rain this year has delayed their harvest.  Allergy doctors say that’s why most people are now feeling their allergies kicking into high gear.

Some farmers say their crops didn’t begin pollinating until around the end of May this year.

June’s wacky weather didn’t help either.  Allergists say the light, almost constant rainfall that we’ve seen during the pollen season can cause fragmentation, meaning the pollen breaks into multiple tiny pieces, which can cause asthma.

Allergists say they’ve noticed more patients, including some Olympic athletes, coming in this year with acute asthma symptoms compared to years past.

There is good news around the corner, farmers say most grass seed varieties are now in the ripening stage, meaning the pollen is almost gone.

Allergy doctors say you can expect your sniffles, sneezing and dry, itchy faces to start dissipating soon.

Allergists say the worst of the allergy season will be over soon once the grass seed season has passed.

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  1. Matt says:

    Most people have some type of allergies – especially around grass seed. I complied a list of grass seed that may help people pick up seed that best suits their allergies.

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