Green Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

by Kelsey Card

EUGENE, Ore. — Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.

If you’re out to buy the perfect gift but want to go easy on the environment, there are plenty of options.

Whether you’re after cards candies or flowers, there are plenty of local green options on that red and pink holiday.

Marché Provisions thinks of sustainable both in terms of where your money goes, to local businesses and what’s sustainable for the earth.

They’ve got the sweets and the relaxing treats.

“Regionally made small batch caramels and chocolates,” said manager Leah Pearl. “Bubble baths made with vegetable soaps, soy candles in recycled glass containers.”

Right across the way is Rhythm and Blooms, a self-sustaining local flower shop that offers extravagant bouquets.

They grow about 85 percent of their own flowers locally.

If you’re looking to spend a bit more, New Twist features two jewelry designers that are 100 percent green and use all recycled materials. One is local.

“She uses 100 percent recycled metal as well sterling silver, gold, this is a sapphire, and then a drusy and another type of drusy agate. We also just got in some new Valentine cards. You can actually put them in the ground and they will grow wildflowers,” said New Twist manager Jodi Auxier.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, the new Inn at the 5th offers almost entirely local amenities. Not to mention the whole building is recycled.

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