Greenhill Humane Society Granted Request for Proposal

EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene issued a notice of award to Greenhill Humane Society after the shelter submitted a request for proposal to step in for Lane County Animal Services.

After a long process, the city now says Greenhill is officially stepping in to fill the void at LCAS left by county budget cuts. It’s not a clean takeover like some might think. It’s going to be an intricate transition, and there isn’t much time to make it all happen.

With an anticipated launch date of July 1, Greenhill has less than one month to make necessary adjustments to fill its new role.

Right now LCAS covers both animal control and sheltering stray animals.

Greenhill Executive Director Cary Lieberman says basically Greenhill staff will move in and take care of the sheltering portion of the workload.

“Overall, the general public probably won’t notice a difference. Stray animals will still go to that facility. Animal Control officers will be there to protect animals and to deal with human-animal interactions, and Greenhill will be caring for those animals once they hit the shelter,” Lieberman said.

There is some hesitation in the community over Greenhill’s lack of experience with strays.

But Lieberman says staff members are training to cover those bases and ultimately ensure all the animals get the highest of care.

Lieberman says they will be posting job openings this week for the new positions they’ll have to fill.

Lieberman also said in all that is changing, one thing he hopes to maintain is the relationship with LCAS donors and volunteers throughout this transition.

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