Greenhill Opens New Training Facility

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EUGENE, Ore. — Volunteers and staff from Greenhill Humane Society joined the Chamber of Commerce Saturday in the opening of its new training center in West Eugene. With the cutting of the ribbon, Greenhill Humane Society officially opened the doors to its new dog training facility.

“It’s really a supportive environment, so that we can offer additional support for animals that may be experiencing behavioral problems,” said Sasha Elliott, Greenhill Communications and Events Manager.

The training center will feature three different classes and will be open to all kinds of dogs. “Really provide this additional support for pets and pet lovers in the community in an effort to reduce the number of pets that are either surrendered or abandoned due to behavioral issues,” said Elliott.

Aside from the public classes community members can sign up for, the facility will help make shelter dogs more adoptable. “It’s about teaching them how to enjoy positive reinforcements and reward and to ultimately how to do some problem solving on their own so that they’re able to become a more complete member of your family,” said Elliott.

The Chamber of Commerce said Greenhill’s expansion is worth celebrating. “Today for them to be able to expand and provide the services to the community is really exciting,” said Stephanie Brathwaite, Eugene Chamber of Commerce Director of Member Services.

For more than a year the shelter’s been working to make this training facility a reality, and now that it’s coming to fruition, Greenhill hopes it’ll help keep animals off the streets. “So many of the animals that come to us either surrendered. They come to us because their owners are frustrated and they don’t know what to do and there are a lot of really great trainers in town. We just want to offer an additional way to enhance an opportunity for our dogs to find the right fit,” said Elliott.

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