Greenhill Prepares for Bark in the Park

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EUGENE, Ore. — Alton Baker Park is going to the dogs.

This Sunday is Greenhill Humane Society’s annual Bark in the Park, Greenhill’s biggest fundraiser.

Organizers are hoping to raise $70,000.

Last year, Greenhill, which now cares for pets at First Avenue Shelter, provided assistance for 3,000 animals. Almost 1,900 animals were adopted. About 760 lost pets were reunited and 125 were transferred to sanctuaries.

Greenhill performed nearly 2,500 spays and neuters last year. These surgeries account for eight percent of the total budget. Outreach and education make up five percent. Management and general are seven percent and fundraising is 10 percent. The largest expense, sheltering and animal care, 70 of the budget.

Forty-five paid employees with another 1,000 volunteers make sure all daily needs are met providing food, a balanced science diet depending the pet’s needs. They also offer a pet food bank.

“We hope this is a deterrent in case people are thinking about potentially surrounding their animals in case they need to provide dog food,” said Sasha Elliot, Greenhill Humane Society communication and events planner.

Above all, they provide hope.

Bark in the Park is Sunday, May 18. You can still sign up. Click here for more information.

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