Greenhouses Made from Recycled Glass

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene window replacement company is expanding its business while helping the environment.

Mark Seery, the owner of Mark and Company, says he collects so many windows and glass products in this line of work that he always wanted to do something more with all the discarded materials. In 2008 he did, by starting up Retro Custom Greenhouses.

Seery says since that time, the greenhouses have grown to be more like backyard art.

“All the glass in the greenhouse is recycled from Mark and Company, including the roof, and the roof is actually patio doors. We take them apart, get them single pane, get three of them together and we break the center piece,” said Seery.

The end result is a ceiling that sparkles both day and night.

Seery says the materials he uses would either end up in a land fill or be shipped off to a recycling facility, in which the closest place is in Portland.

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