Grenade Found in Donation Box

ROSEBURG, Ore. — Workers at the Roseburg Salvation Army are back on the job after a scary donation box discovery.

While sorting through the box of donations in the warehouse, an employee found a live grenade.

Roseburg Salvation Army management says they called police right away and everyone was evacuated from the warehouse.

Administrative Captain Chris Freysinger says Roseburg and Oregon State Police responded, along with a bomb squad that took the grenade away.

“They did say it was a live grenade. That was pretty scary,” Freysinger said.

“At first we weren’t as concerned, but as it sunk in and the bomb squad got here, then that’s when it started hitting home that that’s a dangerous situation,” said Helen Coulter, Warehouse Manager.

Coulter, a longtime employee, says she’s seen it all when it comes to donated items.

“It’s a first for me, and I’ve been with the Salvation for close to 12 years, and that’s the first time that has come up,” Coulter said.

Freysinger and Coulter both say they’re thankful everyone was safe and it’s unbelievable the things that can appear in a what seems to be a normal box.

“It gives you a reality check on what you can find in the donations,” Coulter said. “We’re blessed it came out as well as it did.”

Coulter says she heard authorities say a blast from the grenade could have done damage to an area within 130 feet.

Police and the Salvation Army say they don’t believe it was left in the donation box to hurt anyone.

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