Group Holds Student Debt Forum

University of oregonEUGENE, Ore. — There was a forum on student debt at the UO as part of the GTFFf’s Day of Action.

The forum was organized by the group LESS-T, the League of Educators and Students Slashing Tuition.

Group members say Friday marks the two-year anniversary of the day student loan debts in the United States reached $1 trillion. One of the speakers, Chris Hicks, traveled from Washington, D.C.

“Student debt is impacting every aspect of our economy. It’s actually on path to be one of the worst aftershocks of the Great Recession that we’re going to have, so it’s not something that we can ignore and it’s going to go away. This is something we all have to come together and address,” said Chris Hicks, Jobs with Justice.

Hicks says though tuition costs are higher than ever, it’s not just an issue facing recent grads. He says 50 percent of all student debt is owed by 30 to 59-year-olds.

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